PowerNugz NFT collection

10,000 unique collectible cannabis plants with different rarity levels and proof of ownership stored on Binance Smart Chain

Roadmap Mint your nug!

MetaBudz DAO

Snapshot MetaBudz DAO that will use Power Nugz and BUDZ tokens as voting power for the community proposals

NFT Marketplace

BUDZ token will be running on Binance Smart Chain and will be the governance token of the NFT Marketplace. The Token and NFT Marketplace will be released after PowerNugz NFTs are all minted.

Staking System

Our platform is offering a staking system for our governance token and soon for various other popular cryptocurrencies. Our holders can join our staking pools and earn profits!

P2E Mobile Game

Play to earn agriculture-simulation social network game to be released after all NFTs will be minted. More details and status reports will follow.

Rarity Ranking Platform

During the miniting phase we will launch a Raririty Ranking Page for the Power Nugz Collection.

NFT Web Wallet App

We want all the users to be able to see their NFTs so we will also launch a NFT Web Wallet.

P2E Tournaments

Besides using a part of the raised BNB to develop a game, we will also organize special events for our best players!

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