MetaBudz Pre-Sale Launch


MetaBudz DAO

MetaBudz is a DAO system with the the governance token ($BUDZ) being backed by a Treasury and offering Staking and Voting opportunities.

We are glad to announce that our team is ready to start our Pre Sale on DxSale platform. Read all the details about it in this post!.

DxSale Pre-Sale

When deciding which platform to use for launching our token we decided to choose DxSale. We wish to automatically lock 60% of the raised BNB in the liquidity pair of our token and DxSale's Pre Sale system ensures that. We are doing this to ensure a secure presale for our users.

Staking $BUDZ will become available as soon as the token is listed on Pancake Swap!

Our Hard Cap will be at 500 BNB with 60% of them being permanently blocked in the liquidity pair.

We are only locking away 60% because we want to ensure the continuity of the project as well as achieving colletarization of our token based on the value of our Treasury. The remaining BNB will be split among activities such as: Treasury Trading and Farming Fund, Treasury HODL Assets, MetaBudz Mobile Game Development Fund, Marketing Fund and Team Fund.

Tokenomics of $BUDZ

Total Token Supply: 200,000 $BUDZ

Tokens for Pre Sale: 40,000 $BUDZ

Tokens for Liquidity: 20,580 $BUDZ

Presale Rate: 1 BNB = 80 $BUDZ

Listing Rate: 1 BNB = 70 $BUDZ

Staking Contract Rewards: 108,620 $BUDZ

Treasury Timelock: 10,000 $BUDZ

Hard Cap 500 BNB: 60% Permanently Locked - 40% Treasury Fund

Treasury Fund:

-Governance(6 MONTH LOCK): 10,000 $BUDZ

-100 BNB Treasury (35% BNB / 35% ETH / 10% BAKE / 10% CAKE / 10% AXS)

-40 BNB MetaBudz Mobile Game

-36 BNB Marketing

-30 BNB Development Team

35% BNB / 35% ETH / 10% CAKE / 10% BAKE / 10% AXS

The DAO's Treasury will focus on Top Cryptocurrencies from different sectors. *(Private Blockchains, De-Fi, Game-Fi) acting like an insurance fund*(collateral backing) for our Governance token.

We decided to split a part of the BNB we will get into 5 different Treasury Assets.

The MetaBudz Team will manage the funds and engage different strategies with the funds in order to gain profit.

-Since our project is running on Binance Smart Chain, a big part of our fund will go into holding BNB as one of our treasury top assets.

-The foundation of smart contract dApps is on Ethereum and our team believes that there is a lot of potential out there for ETH 2.0 which is why ETH is the second treasury top asset.

-MetaBudz love NFTs and we wish to see more development on that side on Binance Smart Chain. That is why our secundary assets are related to NFTs and Game-Fi industry and we also consider the pioneers.

-We start of with the most popular project on BSC, Pancake Swap. Our token will be listed on their platform and their new NFT market makes us want to hold CAKE in our treasury. PCS is a key player in the BSC ecosystem.

-Up next we have one of the most used NFT markets and AMMs on BSC. Bakery Swap has improved their UI and functionalities along the way in a drastic way! The combination of DeFi with NFTs and bringing a functional NFT market for BSC convinced us to include this coin in the treasury.

-The last asset that we decided to hold is the AXS token of Axie Infinity game. We are aiming to combine the crypto space with gaming and AXS is the perfect example of a succesfull project. While development is still going and there is an active playerbase, AXS made it in our asset list!

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